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May 17, 2015 - Celebrity Stylist Introduces Non-Surgical Hairline Rebuilding Technique 
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Ms O Salon Quick Facts

About Ms O Salon

No matter where you go, a great first impression can make all the difference between success and failure. At Ms. O Hair Salon, great first impressions are the specialty. Whether you’re a celebrity or a women experiencing hair loss, hair thinning and alopecia, Ms O Salon’s hairstyles, undetectable extensions and non-surgical hairline rebuilding weave technique will have your confidence boosted and ready to take the world by storm.

Celebrity Stylist / MS O Salon Owner Ms O

Short Bio

MS O is a Maryland based, celebrity stylist, hair weave expert, and salon owner of MS O SALON in Lanham, Maryland. For more than 25 years, the traveling stylist to the stars built a client list full of celebrities such as 50 Cent, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Reality TV star Rasheeda, and Sports Illustrated Model Julia Henderson, while creating glamour hairstyles on the sets of music videos, television and film, magazine shoots, advertising campaigns, and more nationwide. Her styles and hair weave technique have also earned her five Golden Scissors Awards. MS O and her salon are the provider of quality natural hair weaves services for Black women in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area for over ten years. She attended Dudley’s Beauty school, where she obtained her cosmetology license.

Long Bio

MS O knows that a great hairstyle is more than a flew clips and sprays; every single style she creates is treated as a work of the finest art. As an artist, she takes great care in creating the perfect look for every customer she works with. From the overall look right down to the tiniest details, every style from Ms. O is uniquely designed to bring out the beauty that lies within the customer.

What’s truly special about Ms. O’s styles are that the extensions she uses are undetectable and natural looking. She can help you create the look you’ve always dreamed of having, and nobody will know that you are wearing extensions.

This extensive knowledge of styling comes from a tremendous body of work. For over 25 years, Ms. O has built up a wealth of experience creating unforgettable hair styles and extensions for the rich and famous. Ms. O has had the distinct privilege of being the main hair stylist on production sets for political affairs, movies, television shows, commercials, ad campaigns, music videos, designer shows, fashion shows and much more. Her style is both bold and elegant, and has endeared her to all of her customers.

Over the years, Ms. O’s famous extensions have been featured in Vibe Magazine, Smooth Magazine, I-B Concept magazines, XXL Magazine, King Magazine, the NBC television show Are You There Yet the movie State of Play (starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck) and many more. Her styles have also earned her five Golden Scissors Awards, a great honor for a hair stylist to receive.

Ms. O has also been the personal hair stylist of many celebrities, including VH1 Flavor of Love’s Seezinz, the Bad Girls Club’s Cat Washington, various political figures and many other actors, models and reality stars. She was the personal hairstylist of LoLa Monroe for over two years. Her hairstyles have been in the public eye for over two decades. They have made stars, inspired trends and graced the pages of magazines and advertising portfolios. There is a reason that Ms. O is known as the “Celebrity Stylist.”

Much of Ms. O’s work now revolves around her partnership with Style Elite Modeling and Talent Agency as the agency’s official hair stylist. Ms. O works with clients of Style Elite to give them the look that they need to burst onto the scene in the entertainment industry. She performs weave, styling, short cuts and commercial hair styles for the models and actors of Style Elite. Many of the stars that have come out of Style Elite credit Ms. O with developing the looks that made them a sensation.

The first step in becoming extraordinary is creating a great first impression. Ms. O the Celebrity Stylist can help you to do just that. Come to her to perfect the look that will help you soar past the competition.

Video News Release

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Ms O Salon VNR Shot Sheet

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VHI’s Love & Hip Hop ATL Reality TV Star Rasheeda & Ms O at the BET TV studios in NYC for 106 and Park TV show taping.

Ms O and Entertainment Mogul 50 Cent on set of a music video casting production in Wash, DC for 50 Cent’s music video shoot project.

Sports Illustrated Model Julie P. Henderson & Ms O on set of International Caras Magazine cover shoot in NYC




Ms O and Congressman John Lewis at his office Capital Hill, DC for providing hair make-over services to the women politicians.

Ms doing VH1′s Love and Hip Hop ATL Reality TV star Rasheeda’s hair and Celebrity Make-Up Artist Jonathan Nathaniel doing make-up in NYC at the BET 106 and Park TV show set

Ms O on set in NYC styling Sports Illustrated Model Julie Henderson’s hair her Caras Magazine cover shoot













Ms O Salon’s Before and After Hairline reconstruction weave technique on hair loss client.

Ms O Salon’ s Hairline Reconstruction Weave Technique on client with hair loss