Essie Nail Polish Goes Magnetic

Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun, and Essie nail polish knows all about it. This month the nail brand launches a formula that contains micro-iron s

+6pheres that create reptile-like patterns. Simply place the magnet over your painted nails for an instant magnetic effect. The brand offers six shades available for $11.25: Crocadilly- hunter green; Snake, rattle and roll- silver; Repstyle- desert bronze; Snake it up- deep blue; Lil’ boa peep- titanium; Sssssexy- sanguine.


Founder Essie Weingarten said in a statement:

“I am in love with all the exotic skins that we see slithering down the runway, these days,” she says. “While creating this collection, it dawned on me that it would be a fabulous opportunity to feature the incredible new magnetic technology in a way that ultra-modern, smart and sexy.”

Follow these steps to get your fingers fashion forward ready:
Step 1: Prime nails with base coat.
Step 2: Apply one coat of a repstyle shade to all nails.
Step 3: Apply the second coat of repstyle shade to each nail individually and hover the magnet about each nail. Get the magnet as close to the polish as possible without touching it. After 5 seconds, it will reveal a snakeskin pattern. Repeat step 3.
Step 4: After two minutes, apply topcoat for extra shine.

Source: Vibe Vixen