5 Quick Tips- How to Protect Your Hair Weave While Working Out

If you are a woman who wonders how to maintain your natural hair extensions, while staying fit and healthy, this post is for you!

Most of  our Ms O Salon clients have routine workout regimens in which their hair becomes moist and extremely sweaty, which can cause mold to grow on your scalp, and cause breakage of your REAL hair, once you remove your hair extensions.  For those who are wearing their real hair already, the solution seems relatively simple- wash your hair after each workout, but those of us who wear protective hair extensions know.. it’s not exactly that simple.

Here are a few tricks our Ms O Salon clients SWEAR BY, in order to maintain their flawless installations while caring for their tresses underneath:

1)  Purchase hair extensions that are going to compliment your lifestyle.

This is such a simple concept, but one that can save you a lot of time and aggravation.  Ms O Salon offers clients hair extension brands like Indique for installation that has several different hair patterns to choose from: Loose Wavy, Tight Wavy, Loose Curly and Tight Curly.  The benefit to having hair that is already wavy or curly, is that it will support the

motion of your workouts, as well as the humidity from your excess movement.  If you’re like us however, you might want to have different options for the look you can achieve with your hair.  Well, you know what they say about great minds!! Here’s the incredible part:  All of the virgin hair brands we recommend (loose wavy, tight wavy, loose curly, tight curly) CAN BE STRAIGHTENED, which will allow you to have diversity within your personal hair choices.  Oh yeah!

2)  Wear an athletic headband.

LeBrown James, anyone?  While LeBrown doesn’t have much hair to maintain, for those of us that do, an athletic headband is a godsend!  It will soak up the sweat that accumulates around your forehead.  Headband can also minimize your natural hair’s swellage from the humidity so it still blends well with your hair extensions.  This is especially key for those who are opting to wear straight weaves.

3)  Blot your scalp with an antiseptic moisturizer like tea tree oil or argan oil after your workout.

It is very important to provide the proper nutrients to your scalp whether you are wearing a hair weave or not.  For daily usage, we’ve found that tea tree oil works wonders!  It is not too heavy, and won’t cause tangling or matting.  Tea tree oil provides just enough of the good stuff for you to moisturize your sexy and keep those tresses flowing!  If you’re not a huge fan or how tea tree oil smells, argan oil is a fantastic substitute!

4)  Wash your hair every 10-14 days with a pH Balance shampoo and conditioner.

Your human hair has a pH Balance of about 4.5 and 6.5 and the outermost layer of it is slightly acidic.  The acidic layer helps your hair retain its moisture and keeps the germs out.  To help maintain your hair’s protective layer, use shampoo and conditioners with a pH level similar to that of your hair itself.  If you are African American, also consider that your hair has naturally raised cuticles which make it more sensitive to pH than other hair types.   Choosing a shampoo and conditioner that is pH balanced will prevent excessive cuticle swelling when you wash your hair.  That means your natural curls will be easier to smooth and seal when you’re ready to style. If your shampoo or conditioner doesn’t mention pH balance on the label, citric acid in the ingredients list can be just as effective.

5)  Deep condition your scalp and hair extensions at least once a month.

Want to see your Ms O Salon hair weave installation come back to life?  Deep conditioning your hair weave will bring back its natural luster as it is an EXCELLENT substitute for the meat, eggs and other proteins that your NATURAL hair receives from your body, that your weave is not able to collect.  Deep conditioning your hair also allows it to remain strong which should reduce short and long term breakage.   Try purchasing deep conditioning products that contain *Hydrolyzed protein* on the label- We know, fancy shamantzy!


So, here you have it! Our top 5 tips on how to help your hair extensions maintain their proper cleanliness, luster and “smell good” levels, while protecting your most important asset- your REAL HAIR!

Hopefully these tips give you the confidence to swim, sunbathe, sauna, run, jump and everything else that makes you fabulously fit!